Privacy Policy and
Notice Drafting

Our licensed professionals in personal data protection area will elaborate a Privacy Policy for you which is completely in line with the GDPR requirements.

What is privacy policy?

The privacy policy is one of the key documents according to the GDPR. The privacy policy displays all information about personal data that are used by the company or service: what kind of data is used, how they are collected, why they are stored, etc.

It allows the user to familiarize themselves with the categories of data that they transmit, as well as with the purposes of the data collection and methods of their protection. 

Privacy Policy should be publicly available on the website or application and should be visible to all visitors. employee of the supervisory authority. dissatisfied customer. a dissatisfied custome.

The visitor may be an employee of the supervisory authority, a dissatisfied customer, or an unscrupulous competitor. All of them can easily detect the absence of a privacy policy or that it does not comply with numerous GDPR rules and the Guidelines on Transparency. Thus, there is a constant risk of being fined or experiencing unpleasant communication with the supervisory authority.

Even if you already have a privacy policy for your website, closing this page and forgetting about the GDPR forever will not work. You will have to do changes. Time goes by, the Regulation is being updated, the GDPR requirements are changing. Because of that, your privacy policy could be outdated. 

A template or copy of someone else's document is also not suitable for you, since a privacy policy has to be unique for each organization:
  • Your processing procedures are different from other companies.
  • You collect other types of personal data.
  • You use your own set of cloud services.
  • Your site contains its own unique set of counters, trackers, and other functions.
  • You provide access to your customers' data for services in different countries.
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Our offer:

Save 1-2 years of your and your company’s time and assign the task to our certified specialists. The standard 10 hours of our consultant’s work include several stages.

Checking your website for the presence of trackers, counters, and web forms
Inspecting your site for the existence of trackers, counters, and web forms
Defining the goals and legal ground for processing
Setting data storage periods
Identification of cross-border data transfers (when data are moved outside the EU)
Drafting a privacy policy in English
Presentation of results

* If the amount of work exceeds 10 hours, we will notify you in advance and guarantee that the remaining work will be performed by a senior consultant at a discount rate of € 200/hour (instead of the standard € 250/hour).

What are the advantages?
Saving time

Save months or years of self-study of the GDPR.


Protect yourself from fines and complaints.


Estimate the changes needed in your company for GDPR-compliance.


Feel confident when working with personal data.



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  • Discover if this product is right for your business or project.
  • Receive directions on cost, duration, and other details.

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