GDPR gap analysis

Check for gaps in GDPR compliance in your company's processes.

Most of the clients who have ever applied to the Data Privacy Office have been collecting and processing personal data for a long time, but they didn’t pay due attention to the privacy legislation. Therefore, before starting the implementation of GDPR, we always recommend make a GDPR Gap Analysis.

During the work “not according to the rules”, a large number of errors accumulate, some of which become systemic, and just fixing a few lines of documents will not help — it does not work that way. Before starting full-fledged work on GDPR compliance, you should learn about all the errors and shortcomings in the company’s systems. This will allow you to make a specific action plan, calculate the necessary financial and time resources.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of data privacy and know all the common mistakes that companies make. This will allow you to quickly detect all violations of the law and as soon as possible to begin to eliminate the shortcomings. By ordering Gap Analysis, you will find out all the errors in your system and get a work plan adapted to you for the implementation of GDPR and other regulations.


What will we check?
  • General it management, data protection and security issues
  • It risk assessment and DPIA process
  • Problems with the data subject
  • Rights of data subjects
  • The process the consent of the data subject
  • The process of informing stakeholders.
  • Mapping of personal data processing and data protection
  • Data protection officer data
  • Register
  • Information security management System (ISMS) GDPR
  • Processing of personal data by a third party

With Gap Analysis, we find gaps in compliance with regulations (GDPR, ePrivacy, etc.), and also determine the risks arising from these violations. Next, we create a list of necessary works and measures (GDPR project scope) and help the company prioritize them based on efficiency, resources for implementation and support, the size of fines and the likelihood of consequences.

Work plan

Requirements and articles

We will determine which requirements and norms apply to the company and which do not.

Analyze the risks

We will analyze the risks to the company, as well as the necessary resources to comply with the GDPR.

Actions and Measures

We will create a checklist of actions and measures to comply with the requirements of the Regulations.

Work plan

We will create a detailed work plan to get the company in compliance with the Regulations.

As a result, you will get

A list of errors and gaps in working on data privacy.
A roadmap for further actions to address the gaps.
Checklists for checking individual actions.
Consultation on the implementation of Privacy by Design in the company's products.
Recommendations for choosing GDPR training for personnel and management.


When you complete the form, you will:
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions concerning data protection.
  • Discover if this product is right for your business or project.
  • Receive directions on cost, duration, and other details.

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