GDPR Compliance Audit

Our certified experts will check your company and product for GDPR compliance.
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“Why is actually GDPR thus silly?” persistently continued to be in the pinnacle 10 Google hunt questions upon the entry into force of the Regulation.

Why? The response is plain — frequently, businesses fail to realize what the GDPR is and what steps shall be taken to meet its requirements. The issue is capable of being tackled by a GDPR audit — an instrument that enables verification of businesses’ internal processes, products, or software for conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Why is the GDPR audit important?

It allows managers to understand the status of personal data protection within the company, to identify weaknesses within personal data protection systems.
It allows employees to get a plan for specific actions to prepare for the GDPR and implement the Regulation’s requirements (GDPR compliance action plan).
It allows to demonstrate to partners how the company complies with the GDPR.
privacy by design
It may be inefficient to assign the work on the GDPR to employees of the company or a corporate lawyer.

There are 3 reasons for this:

  • Employees often do not have special education in the field of personal data protection.
  • Employees are not motivated to conduct a GDPR audit because they do not see the whole picture and do not know how to proceed.
  • Employees do not have time because work responsibilities remain, and the GDPR compliance is postponed.

The audit will be of poor quality and you will simply waste time and resources to conduct it.

How to do it: assign the work of conducting the GDPR audit to our consultants who will do all the work quickly and efficiently.

What will we do?
data protection
  • We will verify that data are collected and processed on the grounds mentioned in Article 6 of the GDPR.
  • We will determine whether the personal information processed is limited to what is necessary to achieve the processing goals.
  • We will find out whether storage periods are adequate and whether the unnecessary information is deleted after these periods expire.
  • We will assess if data subjects’ rights are respected.
  • We will determine whether national laws, regulations, and instructions of supervisory authorities in the field of personal data protection are implemented.
  • We will make sure that "best practices" and court precedents are taken into account in order to maintain personal data protection systems.
  • We will assess whether the company demonstrates compliance with privacy standards to supervisory authorities, entities, and business partners.


Work stages

Action 1.

We fill out a checklist to assess the level of GDPR compliance.

Action 2.

We interview heads of departments and employees and analyze documents and material evidence.

Action 3.

Draw up an audit report.

The GDPR audit benefits:

Promotes compliance with the Regulation.

Increases awareness of data protection among the management and employees.

Increases the authority of the company in front of customers and partners.

Measures and improves the compliance with internal rules for the protection of personal data.

Provides the necessary information for the revision of personal data protection systems.


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