Yuliya Bahdanava

GDPR Junior Consultant
Bachelor of Laws, GDPR Data Privacy Professional, GDPR Data Privacy Manager. Specializes in register of processing activities (RoPA) creation, auditing IT-products and documents and holding Privacy by Design sessions. Acts as assistant trainer of Data Privacy Professional course.
Yuliya Bahdanava

Full bio

Yuliya graduated from BSU Lyceum and BSU Law Faculty with a bachelor degree in economic law. In 2019, she participated in the Tallinn University of Technology summer school program on Secure e-Governance. Yuliya has been working in Data Privacy Office since February 2020. Distinguished keynote speaker at the GDPR Day 2021 online conference.

Yuliya has management skills, as she led two university-based projects, during which she organized events and did a lot of communication work.

Yuliya has experience in interviewing and compiling a register of processing activities (RoPA), auditing and drafting privacy policies and cookie banners, auditing IT products, identifying risks and creating safeguards during Privacy by Design sessions. Yuliya is also an assistant trainer for the Data Privacy Professional course.


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