Nastassia Parkhimovich

GDPR Consultant
Nastassia has successfully completed GDPR Data Privacy Professional course. She speaks English and German. As an in-house lawyer in IT-companies Nastassia took part in integration of GDPR rules and policies into software products to be marketed in the EU. Consulting editor of “Lawyer” journal.
Nastassia Parkhimovich

Full bio

Nastassia graduated from Faculty of International Relation (bachelor degree) and Law Faculty (master degree) of Belarusian State University, studied in University of Turku (Finland) as an exchange student. Before starting a career of a consultant in Data Privacy Offcie Nastassia used to work as an in-house lawyer in IT-companies and participated in integration of GDPR rules and policies into companies’ products.

The range of tasks includes development and audit of privacy policies, filling in registers of processing activities, assistance in cross-border transfer of personal data.

It is promotion of privacy among businesses that Nastassia considers one of her top priorities.


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