Intensive data protection course
Privacy by Design: strategically embedded privacy

During the training, you will receive an action plan on how to create a privacy-friendly product, master the technique of designed privacy and be able to make decisions that do not violate user privacy.

Why is Privacy by Design important?


According to Article 25 of the Regulation, it is necessary to comply with the principles of Privacy by Design (designed privacy).

Effective PR strategy.

Companies like Apple, Mozilla, DuckDuckGo have already succeeded in this. And it really works, because everyone even turns a blind eye to their imperfection in terms of security and advanced technologies.

Trust and respect for the product

Compliance with principles is not due to laws, but due to opportunity. After all, only a company can prevent an imbalance, where the person who uses the product has much less power over his personal information than the business.

A winning model

The GDPR, despite the 30-page guidelines, contains general requirements and advice on what to do, but there is no checklist. Strategic Privacy by Design is a methodology that involves developing a clear plan of action.

During the training you will learn how to:
data protection
  • Identify sources of threats for a company.
  • Build and implement Designed Privacy from scratch.
  • Predict privacy violations.
  • Use tactics and strategies that mitigate privacy risks.
  • Calculate the consequences of a violation of privacy for the user.
  • Create a FAIR (Factor analysis of information risk) risk assessment model.
  • Create a blueprint and step-by-step guide for applying Engineered Privacy principles to your products and services.
Each step of the model will be worked out in practical exercises on the case. Theory will give logic and understanding, and practice will help develop a habit and learn a step-by-step algorithm for creating a plan. And a nice bonus will be a certificate of completion of the training.
For whom?

They make strategic decisions and the fate of the entire project depends on their will.

CTO, architects

They lay the “foundation” and principles of the system.

Product Owner и Product Manager

They are responsible for the product and its development. 

Project Manager

Draws up functional and non-functional requirements for the product before development begins.

Business analysts

They make decisions on planning and building processes.

DPO and privacy lawyers

They can influence and motivate privacy changes in the process, product, company.

  • Introduction to Privacy Harms
  • Threat and Risk Modeling
  • Privacy Risk using FAIR
  • Diagramming Privacy Threats
  • Design Strategies & Tactics
  • Mitigating Privacy Risks
  • Design Process
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