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About us

As a business owner, you want to become the best.

Is it possible to achieve success if you lose the love and trust of your users?

The Data Privacy Office Europe has been building long-term relationships with its customers based on trust and honesty for many years. The desire to bring benefits to customers, mutual respect and sincerity are all core values we believe can lead to a super-successful business.

Video cameras, social networks, and automated search systems have infiltrated every aspect of our lives in the modern world, and humans no longer have any personal boundaries. Each person can be examined in detail, including what they eat, what they enjoy, and who they know.

It can also cause great harm to this person. Businesses, however, do not always consider this in pursuit of profit. It is too late once the damage is done.

That needs to change!

In the end, a caring attitude toward your clients is in both of your hands. You can lose their trust for years at a time. However, the most valuable resource of a business is its customers’ loyalty and trust.

Our Team

About us

We will never ask you to enter additional numbers in an invoice if it is not necessary.


Our solutions are carefully considered and reviewed, and we are responsible for them.


To better serve our customers, we are always learning and developing.

Our view
We see ourselves as guides that show you the way to customer privacy and assist in getting results faster and easier.

Employees and consultants at DPO are always striving to provide their clients with the easiest and most friendly solutions. We are interested in collaborating with companies that are developing and proactive.

data protection

What makes us the best?


We train, test, and certify the GDPR Data Privacy Professional, GDPR Aware, Privacy by Design programs for your employees. This is a major line of business.


Our team assesses the risks associated with a product and comes up with the fastest and most effective strategy. We don't need to spend resources on low-priority, unnecessary tasks.

Narrow specialization

Based on international standards (GDPR, ISO27701), we specialize only in privacy and personal data protection. We do not deal with intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and other issues.


CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, and FIP certifications demonstrate the expertise of our consultants. The quality of our projects and training is guaranteed.


As a company, we develop our solutions (DPIA & Privacy by Design methodology, personal data formula, etc.). Our experts use the tools, templates, and techniques developed over the years to make the process more efficient and more cost-effective for you.

A team of like-minded people

DPO Europe is not the work of a single expert, but a team effort. In your complex case, we meet regularly to consult. Our team has diverse competencies, including marketing, software development, law, management, HR, and information security.

Love to work together
Are you ready to work with us? Let's grow your business.